• “We have learned a lot about mission in contemporary Australia in the last decade - but it is only a beginning… Here is a [ministry] that’s grappled with the issues posed by research and worked on its implications. If you are focused on mission, here is a way to take your thinking further with some of our best local thinkers!”

    Peter Jensen
    Sydney: 2001-2013
  • "Effective Ministry is a gold mine for Children’s Ministries everywhere. It’s careful research and insightful application is both stimulating and challenging. We regularly use the material on the site as the basis of our ongoing staff training and have found it invaluable in reflecting on where we are as a church and what areas we need to grow in.

    Their research and applied insights into kid’s ministry has stimulated and framed some of my recent training opportunities. And I have witnessed first hand its impact in our own Children’s Ministry (growth in leaders, parents intentionally discipling their children…), as well as in other Children’s Ministries both here in Australia and beyond. I am so grateful for the partnership we have with E.M as we seek to disciple our very youngest disciples”

    Sandy Galea
    MBM Rooty Hill Anglican
  • “God has granted his church ministers who are intuitive and wise, and so for many years we have relied on clergy knowing what to do. Sometimes we have failed God’s church by not responding in the best way. E.M has brought strong analytical skills, coupled with clear theological understanding to bear on the way we minister. It has shown us areas where we must minister better, and it calls each of us to an uncomfortable accountability that is required of those who lead under the Great Shepherd.”

    Archie Poulos
    Archie Poulos
    Head of Ministry Department
    Moore College
  • "Effective Ministry has greatly contributed to my own thinking about pastoral ministry in the local church. Here we see the great union of statistical analysis, ministry methodology, all with theological discernment. It is especially rare to have such careful biblical theological convictions at the foundation of such research. I highly commend the work put forward by Effective Ministry for consideration by local church leaders. Neglect of the research presented here runs the risk of ministry in ignorance. We must continue to learn about our churches, culture, and the trends of how we are carrying forward ministry within our cultural context. The wisdom distilled here is invaluable for our pursuit of faithful and effective ministry”

    Chase Kuhn
    Lectures in Christian Thought & Ministry
    Moore Theological College
  • "E.M team presented tailored research on the Armidale Diocese at our annual Anglican Clergy Conference in 2013 offering helpful insights to our clergy. Their visit was then followed up effectively for those who entered into conversation with the E.M team. E.M put significant effort into understanding our particular circumstances and made themselves available in the most helpful of ways. As the Bishop of the diocese I have been greatly blessed by E.M’s personal concern for my work and ministry. I count our diocese and myself very privileged to have benefited from their enormous and personal contribution to our diocese."

    Rick Lewers
    Rick Lewers
    Anglican Bishop of Armidale Diocese, NSW
  • "Effective Ministry is a servant of our Church. Their presence provides a long sought-after need for today’s churches by providing relevant, up to date resources for the multifaceted work of ministry. Visit the website. Like the Facebook page. Read a few articles. Scan the research. The material is thoughtful, challenging, diverse and theologically solid. If you desire to see your Church grow missionally, then this is a great place to begin, and a great place to share with others seeking to be effective in ministry"

    Bruce Stanley
    Bruce Stanley
    Senior Minister
    St Philips Eastwood
  • "We now live in a global culture where the challenges in the church cross geography, language and cultural barriers. Effective Ministry does an excellent job researching the challenges the church is facing and then presenting Biblical, thoughtful and applicable solutions to help the local church be more effective in reaching their communities and discipling their people. Effective Ministry is a great partner to local church leadership by wading through the daunting volume of information available and synthesizing timely resources that make a difference. Thank you Effective Ministry for your passion for Jesus, making disciples and equipping local church leadership!"

    David Cooke
    David Cooke
    Lead Pastor: Cold Springs Church, Placerville, Church Coach and Consultant, California: USA
  • “Effective Ministry synthesizes and consolidates an enormous amount of research and thinking into accessible resources that are biblically faithful and achievable. The conclusions are a resounding challenge to our current church practice and hopefully a catalyst for constructive change in the future”

    John Thorpe
    Jon Thorpe
    Director of Ministry Support
  • “Never before have our churches faced so many challenges to making whole hearted disciples of Jesus Christ, but Effective Ministry is a source worth using. Like the men of Issachar who knew the times, E.M provides helpful information and insights based upon quality research and analysis to maximize effective leadership. They balance data with the art of doing ministry"

    Gary C
    Gary Cooper
    Intentional Interim-Practitioner
    California: U.S.A
  • “Effective Ministry has been a great help to me as the lead pastor at The Lakes Church. Sometimes our church gets so busy with a heap of things that we neglect the most important things. E.M has helped us focus in on newcomer work and youth/children’s ministry in particular. I love getting the sort of statistical data and analysis E.M produce. As a staff team we’ve really benefited from attending their seminars together and discussing the ideas and challenges that apply to us. We really enjoyed the livestream option recently for the forum on youth/children’s ministry. We had a mini-conference in the lounge-room of our youth pastor. It is terrific the way the forum material is backed up by E.M’s online resources as well"

    David S
    David Sheath
    Lead Pastor
    The Lakes Evangelical Church
  • “The work of Effective Ministry has been immensely helpful in my ministry. By bringing together high-level resources, research, and insights across a range of ministry areas, EM's findings facilitate a detailed understanding of the ministry landscape. This allows us to contextualise our own day to day ministry work within this landscape, and equips us to be more strategic and focused in our efforts to encourage growth and transformation in disciples of Jesus"

    Greg C
    Greg Cooper
    EMU Music, ex Director of Music, Christ Church St Ives, & member of Garage Hymnal