“We have learned a lot about mission in contemporary Australia in the last decade -
but it is only a beginning…
Here is a conference which is going to grapple with the issues posed by research and work on some implications. If you are focused on mission, here is a way to take our thinking further with some of our best local thinkers… I will see you there!” 
Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney: 2001-2013
“God has granted his church ministers who are intuitive and wise,
and so for many years we have relied on clergy knowing what to do.
Sometimes we have failed God’s church by not responding in the best way.
The team at E.M has brought strong analytical skills,
coupled with clear Christian understanding, to bear on the way we minister.
It has shown us areas where we must minister better, and it calls each of us to an uncomfortable
accountability that is required of those who lead under the Great Shepherd.” 
Archie Poulos, Head of Ministry Department, Moore College 


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